Friday, June 22, 2007

Extended Visits

Hey there, is this thing on????

I'm seeking advice from any expat parent who has actually had a baby in a foreign land. My first was born back in the US, but the second is due to be born in France in November. I will freely admit that I'm kind of freaking out over the family visits that will follow.

Mind you, I'm not freaking out about having the baby in France. I'm actually looking forward to that part.

What I'm worried about is the visit from my mother for, as she put it, four to six weeks.

Now, I love my mother dearly, and she was a great help when Sophia was born, but that was in her own territory. She stayed in a hotel down the road. There was lots of take-out food available. She could drive her own car (an automatic).

She has come to visit us for three weeks at a time in the past -- making us aware that the ideal visitor stays for about two weeks. She's very accommodating, but has lots of food allergies (tomato, egg, nuts, strawberries -- she doesn't really like vegetables). To the extent that we end up having to change our diet while she's here. I've already tried to let her know that she's going to need to rent a car, but she doesn't seem to be taking the hint (she keeps telling family that she's going to have to learn to drive my car because she won't want to take the car seat out).

I realize that I should probably just chill and take any help that I can get with the new baby and with Sophia. I'm sure it's just the hormones that are causing me to dwell on this more than four months out. But I'm wondering how any of you have handled extended visits from family after the birth of a new child, and if you have any advice you'd like to share?


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

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